Mortage Investing

The right solutions to grow your wealth in real estate.

Want to enjoy the security and lucrative returns of a real estate investment, without the challenges that come along with rental property ownership? Mortgage investing is the perfect solution. Our team has built relationships with established mortgage professionals in the GTA who can offer you the right solutions to grow your wealth in real estate.

There are several mortgage investment options available. The most popular and least intensive option is contributing to a MIC. A Mortgage Investment Corporation is a licensed company that pools investors’ funds, assesses each borrower according to their own guidelines, and offers first and second mortgages to property owners. In turn, the investors benefit from a high return on their money that is secured in real assets. Also known as private mortgages, a MIC provides home owners with an alternative lending solution when they are unable to meet typical bank guidelines.

As mortgage lending rules continue to change, alternative lending is becoming increasingly popular in Canada. Stricter lending guidelines by leading insurers, CMHC and Genworth Canada, have allowed the private lending sector to experience tremendous growth over the last five years.


James Benson’s industry knowledge and professional affiliations can help you achieve your investment objectives. To find out how you can build wealth through mortgage investing, contact James today.

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