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The Contract is Signed, Now What?



















Selling your home is a major milestone and accomplishment; it means you can now move on to your dream home or simply the next stage in your life. The signing of a real estate contract brings a mix of relief, anticipation and potential challenges. However, while you’re caught up in the real estate process from listing to negotiating and all that falls in between, some things can slip through the cracks. Although signing the contract is a major component of the selling process, there are also many more items to consider before you close.


Although the contract is signed, it does not mean it’s time to sit back and relax. There are other things that need to be tended to that are typically a part of the closing process. The weeks leading up to and after closing are just as important as the time leading up to finalizing the contract.


Sometimes, as a part of the contract, you have to allow the buyer access to the home for a property inspection or perhaps an appraisal. The buyer may even want the opportunity to visit the home a few times before they take possession.  As the new owner they may want to scope out the home more diligently to plan any future renovations or décor charges and upgrades. At this point the buyer is really beginning to feel the property is becoming “theirs”, and it may have the seller feeling a bit displaced. But fear not, this is simply a testament of how much they love the home, and should really be taken as a compliment.


Also very important, is to keep the home is showing condition up until the very end. You may have visitors on a regular basis such as the buyer, buyer’s agent, appraisers, and inspectors so you need to keep the home in great shape as a home that is suddenly poorly maintained will raise red flags. There is the potential to decrease the buyer’s confidence in the property as well, making them have doubts and even wonder if the home is as great as they initially thought it was. So always keep your home in the same condition as when the buyer first viewed it.


Only after the contract is finalized and closing day has arrived, should the champagne come out to celebrate. You will have to experience some inconvenience along the way, but it will be all worth it!


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