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How To Raise Children In A Condo And Keep Your Sanity

How To Raise Children In A Condo And Keep Your Sanity

The latest data from Statistics Canada revealed that more people are living in apartments taller than five storeys. While single-detached homes were the reigning choice among Canadians, the number of high-rise building dwellers went up by more than 12 per cent between 2011 and 2016. In British Columbia alone, that number went up by more than 23 per cent.

Among these dwellers are parents who have embraced the idea of raising children in apartments and condos. However, living in close quarters with multiple people of varying ages can easily turn into a nightmare. That’s why we’ve gathered some tips for living harmoniously in a tiny space when you’ve got children.

Use multifunctional furniture

Parents work hard enough as it is, so why not have furniture items that work twice as hard? Consider beds with built-in storage, coffee tables that can be used as dining tables, and loft beds that provide space for a desk or play area underneath. With two, sometimes three purposes, multifunctional furniture makes the most of every precious square inch.


Take advantage of nearby amenities

For urban families living in high-rise buildings, one of the payoffs is the access to parks, libraries, museums, community centres, and playgrounds. When your space is feeling too cramped, take the children out and about. Keep an eye out for events happening in your neighbourhood and sign up for family memberships to museums and recreational centres, which will compel you to leave the condo more.

Purge on a regular basis

When several people live in one small space, it’s guaranteed that stuff will add up. Take stock of everything that’s in your space on a regular basis, whether it’s every month or every six months, and get rid of things you no longer need or have not used in a long time. This will free up space you didn’t realize you have, and you can feel good knowing that everything left behind is stuff you’ll actually use.

Store big items at a family or friend’s house

Sometimes there are things you just can’t throw away but have no room to keep around. They could be bikes that you only take out in the summer, or cribs for future family members. In this case, see if you can convince a family member or friend to let you store your items at their house. If they say yes, treat them generously for their kindness.

Give kids the bigger bedroom

This is just one of the sacrifices of raising children in a small space, but it’ll be incredibly worth it. By giving kids the master bedroom, they’ll likely spend more time in there and there’s more room to keep all of their toys, which means less clutter in the living room.

Create blank spaces in the home

It may be tempting to fill every square inch of your space with more stuff, but allowing some areas to stay empty will make your home feel less cluttered. Like white space on a website, it creates balance and breathing room while preventing your eyes from darting all over the place.


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