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Buying A New Construction Home with the Help of a Realtor


















Are you the type of buyer that loves the idea of moving into a brand new home? From the day you sign the paperwork in the sales office, you get to experience the excitement of seeing your home rise from the ground. There is something exciting about being the first owner of a brand new home.


Did you know that your Realtor can help you through the process? In fact, there are several advantages in bringing in professional representation.


Realtors often qualify for special discounts that you wouldn’t receive if you walked into the builder’s office on your own. Builders are willing to provide an incentive for Realtors who help them market a development, and in turn, that incentive gets passed on to you. In addition, your Realtor will have the inside scoop on the level of service you can expect after the transaction is closed. As a result, it can help you avoid builders who have a less than desirable reputation.


Your Realtor can help you determine if you are getting good value for your money. Developers spend thousands and thousands of marketing dollars to promote their buildings and subdivisions. They are in the business of selling homes, and it’s something they are exceptionally good at. So who will represent your best interest in the transaction? Who will help you confirm if you are getting good value for your money, or advise if you could buy a superior home for the same sale price elsewhere? If you undertake the process on your own, it’s up to you to do all the heavy lifting. At no extra cost to you as a buyer, it always makes sense to let a Realtor help you ask the right questions to make a purchase that you feel good about.


Your Realtor gives you extra negotiating power. In most cases, the purchase price on a new build comes only with the builder’s most basic finishes. From there, you need to choose your upgrades and make a variety of decisions about how your builder will complete the home. Your Realtor can help you assess which upgrades are worth the investment and those you can do without.



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