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When making a decision to purchase a new home, many buyers face the long standing question: single-family house or condo? The decision is a difficult one and depends largely upon your lifestyle and needs. It is no secret that condos, especially in big cities, can be lighter on the bank account. But making a decision like this based only on cost isn’t always the best idea.


For many, a detached home with a two-car garage, backyard and white picket fence is the ultimate real estate...



While so many North American cities continue to suffer from job losses and declining populations, Toronto continues to thrive. With a population estimated to be in excess of 2.8 million and a total metropolitan area population in the neighbourhood of 6 million, Toronto remains the most populous city in Canada with a robust economy and thriving real estate market. The western cities of Calgary and Edmonton may have had faster growing populations during the energy industry’s boom years,...