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2014 was an incredibly busy year in the Toronto real estate market. According to TREB, there were nearly 93,000 transactions reported last year. That's almost 6,000 more than the previous year. Competition was fierce and prices rose significantly. For all home types, the average price increased by 8.4% in 2014.


The population in the GTA continues to climb, and most new residents choose to become homeowners if it is within their means. Buyers are displaying a high level of confidence in the...


Most people who own a home also own a mortgage. Mortgage financing gives us the ability to purchase our ideal home long before we actually have enough money to pay for it. With today’s low interest rates, many people have stretched their purchasing power to buy a home, but are well aware that low borrowing rates may not last forever. Paying off your mortgage aggressively while money is cheap will put you in a favourable position with less mortgage debt once it's time to renew, potentially, at...